Friday, 22 July 2011

Cocktail dresses - How to buy right one for the occasions

The main advantages of cocktail dresses are variety of styles and pleasant combination of style and uniqueness. The cocktail dress is ideal for theme parties, trips to the opera or the ballet, a wedding ceremony, and even an official lunch or dinner party.

This dress is sophisticated and graceful in the style of the classic glamour or fitting and bold must essentially be in the wardrobe of any girl. Correctly matched to the case and figure cocktail dress looks particularly inspiring and admire others.

Today you can find cocktail dresses very diverse style, from beautiful fabrics, the most popular of which over the last several decades are satin, silk and chiffon. In each season cocktail dress inconspicuously altered or overgrown with new details. The most general length is changing that rises almost to the hips, to fall down to the ankles. The classic "little black dress" and the passage of time have not lost the brightness and beauty. And in the XXI century, it remains a flexible dress for cocktail parties at various levels. Bright cocktail dresses of velvet, crepe, brocade, stretch satin, silk, or even the rich decorative fabrics are perfect for both formal and for informal activities. So the choice of length, style, color and fabric cocktail dresses is yours.

Choose to pay by the accessories are not less important than to decide the very clothes. If the dress is short, with particular care should select shoes as open beautiful legs always attract attention. Beaded small bag of silk, satin or brocade perfectly with the accessories of pearls, diamonds (or crystals), fashion jewelry made of gold and silver, such as sparkling vintage brooch, and tights or stockings in a fine mesh.

There is nothing complicated to look chic and elegant. Simply follow the basic principles of selection of dress. Correctly chosen dress appropriate to the circumstances and your personal style, self-confidence in them and in their own irresistibility. Do not worry; this feeling must be transmitted to others. And, of course, decide a dress for the figure, not fashion.

* Never try to get into the dress you a little or a dress with too-deep neckline even if you succeed, and you'll surely regret it at a party.

* Before choosing a dress, a realistic assessment of their own forms and buy a dress for the figure, you are what you feel happy, not what are friends and promote fashion magazines.

* Do not blindly follow fashion - trust your own taste and intuition.

* Ironically, universal, black is often not suitable for such a dress. Select a dress in the colors that suit you.

* It does not matter if you cheated nature feminine forms. To solve this problem will assist bright colors and bold prints they are visually entire and attach a figure feminine perfection.

* Ladies with outstanding bust is worth paying attention to her dress with deep cleavage, for example, V-neck.

* Remember that dark colors are slimming.

* Experiment with different combinations of attires and accessories. Cultivate your own unique style. Strive to make sure that your appearance was a reflection of inner beauty.

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